Lyrics Competition: “Yell, Yell At The Devil” My Version VS A.I. Requested In Style of Springsteen

my version, written first:

Yell, Yell At The Devil

yell yell at the devil
shout out loud and be clear
yell yell at the devil
stand against evil stand without fear

what a creepy cowardly monster
tries to gain traction in our souls
tries to poison our minds
and by deception take control
but we are bigger with righteous swords
we rebuke his evil schemes
in the full armour of the Lord
not tainted be, we are redeemed

repeat chorus

bridge (possibly a rap)
did you really think I would listen to
one who deceives, perverts, leads to temptation,
pushes, punishes , is always impatient?
one who pushes us down towards condemnation,
one who is unkind
when I am saved in the Lord, I am
His and he is mine?
did you really think I would be so blind
and leave peace and love and truth and
power of the Lord behind?
Mr Lucifer you are eternally out of your mind

repeat chorus

artificial intelligence song to same title, requested in the style of Springsteen:

I was born in the darkness, raised in the night
I’m a product of all that’s wrong, all that’s gone wrong in this life
But I ain’t gonna bow down, no I ain’t gonna kneel
I’m gonna stand up tall and yell, yell at the devil

My momma died young, my daddy left me behind
I was angry and alone, I didn’t know how to survive
But I found my own way, I picked myself up again
And now I’m standing strong, yelling at the devil

You can try to break me, you can try to bring me down
But I’ll never give in, never give up on my dreams
I’m gonna keep fighting ’til the day that I die
So you better beware ’cause I’m coming for you devil

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