Bible Questions – Who Does God Refer To As “Us” In Genesis?

There are differing interpretations among biblical scholars regarding the identity of the “us” referred to in Genesis 3:21 and 1:26. One interpretation is that it refers to the Trinity, with “us” representing God in three persons – Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. Another interpretation is that it refers to the divine council of angels or to God and angels. Yet another interpretation is that it is an example of the “royal we,” a literary device used by God to indicate his sovereignty and majesty. Ultimately, the exact identity of the “us” is open to interpretation and depends on one’s theological perspectives and beliefs.

The “royal we” is a rhetorical device commonly used in literature and in speech by monarchs and other persons in positions of great authority. It involves the use of “we” instead of “I” when referring to oneself. The purpose of this device is to highlight the speaker’s authority and power, and to distance them from the common people.
In the Bible, the use of plural pronouns such as “us” and “we” by God in passages such as Genesis 1:26 and 3:22 has been interpreted by some as an example of the “royal we” device. In this interpretation, God’s use of “us” emphasizes his authority and majesty as the divine ruler over all creation. Despite this interpretation being debated and contested by various biblical scholars, the concept of the “royal we” remains a prominent device used to convey power in literature and speech.
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