I Asked A.I. To Write In Iambic Pentameter Of Getting Closer To Jesus Through Prayer With The Holy Spirit

beautiful. not perfect iambic pentameter but not bad

In seeking Jesus, we see the Holy Spirit’s light
And find connection through our daily prayer,
For in this process, faith and hope take flight
And we draw closer to our Lord with care.
The Spirit’s power is felt throughout the land,
Guiding us on our path to God above,
And through our prayers, we feel His loving hand,
Fulfilling us with grace and endless love.
We must remember to keep our hearts pure,
Seeking strength and mercy from the divine,
For in this act, we find a love secure
And in His presence, we can truly shine.
For God above is ever-present, wise,
And through the Holy Spirit, we can feel
His presence and His warmth beyond disguise,
And through our prayer, our bond becomes surreal.
The words we speak to Him can be so true,
And from our hearts, we show our love and fear,
But as we open up, He’ll speak to you,
Revealing all the wonders that are near.
Through prayer, we give our worries to the Lord,
And find our strength and courage to persevere,
And in this act, we find a love adored,
Drawing near to God who is always near.
To be nearer to our Lord, we embrace
The Holy Spirit and His guiding hand,
And with our prayers, we feel our faith embrace
And feel the warmth of heaven’s golden land.
Through prayer, we reach beyond our daily strife,
And find the peace that we have long desired,
For in this moment, we find a new life
And a love that is evermore inspired.
So, let us pray to God with all our heart,
And in His presence, find our truest peace,
And through the Holy Spirit, we can start
A journey to a love that cannot cease.
And as we journey through this life divine,
Let us never forget the love we share,
For as we open up and seek His sign,
We find the truest love that’s everywhere.
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