Holiness: Embracing God’s Plan

Holiness: Embracing God’s Plan

The concept of holiness often leads people to believe that it is achieved by rooting out inner evil. However, true holiness lies in consecration unto God, separating ourselves entirely for His purpose. In the Old Testament, individuals or even material things were considered holy when reserved exclusively for the Lord’s use, not by purging inherent evil. The Hebrew understanding of holiness meant being set apart for God, signifying that all authentic holiness is holiness to the Lord.

Consecrating oneself to Christ involves dedicating oneself wholly to God, acknowledging that we belong entirely to Him. It is a definite act, just as precise as counting. There comes a moment in life when we fully surrender ourselves into God’s hands, and from that point forward, we no longer belong to ourselves but to Him.

This consecration does not imply dedicating ourselves to specific Christian work, such as preaching or missionary endeavors. Genuine consecration involves surrendering our will to God’s, being prepared to be used by Him in any capacity He desires. Whether we serve as generals or gatekeepers, our role should align with God’s will, not our own preferences.

As Christians, God has mapped out a specific pathway for each of us. It is vital to discern and walk in this God-ordained course. Our lives should aim to glorify Him alone. Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 4:7 resonate for every Christian. The tragedy lies in reaching the end of life and realizing we were on the wrong path.

We only have one life to live, and we must live it for God’s pleasure. Let us echo the sentiments of the devoted Christian who desired nothing for self but everything for God. The essence is finding complete satisfaction in God’s good, acceptable, and perfect will.

At the core of this matter lies our wills. Our self-assertive wills must yield to the cross, allowing us to wholly surrender ourselves to the Lord. Just as a tailor needs fabric to create a coat and a builder requires materials to construct a house, the Lord needs our lives to manifest through us.

Genuine consecration demands unreserved surrender and harmonious acceptance. We must permit Him to have complete control over our lives and work with us as He pleases. In doing so, we discover our true purpose and fulfillment.

Ultimately, holiness emanates from the act of entirely presenting ourselves to God. It is an ongoing journey of submission, yielding our wills, and walking on the path He has ordained for us. By living out God’s will, we honor Him in every aspect of our lives. Let us seek holiness, not by striving to eradicate evil, but by wholly dedicating ourselves to the Lord and allowing Him to work within and through us.

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