Maui Wildfires – Could Not Ask For A More Perfect Demonstration Of What Could Happen…

This is to anybody who is on the fence about Jesus.
Get off the fence. It’s not a choice you can belabour.
But let me talk to you for a moment from the dark side.
What’s happening in Maui, Hawaii? What just happened over there?
I don’t know how you could have a better demonstration of how you could be living your life in one moment, be at peace in this world’s version of paradise, and be in hellfire and have gusting winds up to 80 miles an hour blowing that fire so it burns your skin off and smokes your eyelids and eyebrows off and you’re getting high degree burns just for walking down the street with your shoes. And maybe you can get some relief if you jump into the water, that is also as hot as hell and you were so sure that this couldnt happen or in denial that it was happening that you could see the hurricane force winds blowing the fire in your direction and still be standing certain that nothing bad would happen to you as many were in that moment.
This is horrible but how much worse if it didn’t stop ever?

Look, you’ve got a 50/50 choice here, yes or no, it’s binary, the binary aspect of it cannot be taken away. Just as sure as God made little boys and little girls and He intended it to be that way.
But it’s actually not a 50/50 choice. Because the evidence as well as so many other factors lean in favour of the existence and deity of Jesus, not to mention how many people’s lives, such as mine, have changed simply because they believed in Him and repented from a sinful life. That counts for something right?
So to quote Clint Eastwood from one of those awful, racist, hateful movies that he did back in the day…. do you feel lucky?
Or Is it time to stop tempting fate and walk into the waiting, loving arms of your Lord?
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