Why Exactly 153 Fishies?

Amazingness! Doing my morning #Bible reading yesterday morning. Was in John 20’s somewhere and
#Jesus is telling the fishers, from the shoreline, to put the net on the other side of the boat. They do and they catch exactly 153 fish which is more than they could bring into the boat, they had to drag the net full of fishies to the shore.
Knowing what I do about numbers in the Bible (note: there is a LOT to know) I said, that is not a random number and made a simple light request that the significance of that number might be revealed to me. Within a few hours this guy posted this video.
Turns out the names of the fishers in the boat appear in exactly 153 verses of the new testament. Deets are here: https://youtu.be/NdQLo8UQ27M?si=9U9hSgsf3FYL2-L4
Can’t make this stuff up folks. That Bible gathering dust on your armoir shelf is seriously supernatural and powerful stuff once you discover that the KJV is loaded with dozens or more of these impossible significances.
Technology has made it possible to receive all of these ultra powerful dog whistles to our pea brains from the colossal awesomely powerful mind of God. Honestly, you have no idea.
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