Taking Tel Fakhr: The Miraculous Israeli Victory in the Golan Heights

Israeli Platoon’s Charge on Tel Fakhr in the Golan Heights


During the war, an Israeli platoon faced great casualties and was left with only twenty-five men.Despite their depleted numbers, the remaining soldiers displayed incredible bravery and determination as they charged towards Tel Fakhr in the Golan Heights. Unbeknownst to them, Tel Fakhr was one of the most heavily fortified positions held by Syria. Undeterred, the Israeli platoon pressed forward, unaware of the immense challenges they were about to face.

The platoon had already experienced significant losses in previous battles, but they refused to be discouraged. They understood the importance of the Golan Heights and were determined to recapture it from the Syrian forces. The soldiers knew that failure was not an option, and they were willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of their country.

The Fortifications of Tel Fakhr

Tel Fakhr, situated in the Golan Heights, was a strategically important location for the Syrians. It was fortified with a complex network of trenches, bunkers, and heavy wiring, making it a formidable stronghold. The Syrian forces had also equipped Tel Fakhr with machine guns, anti-tank guns, and mortars, further enhancing its defensive capabilities. The Israeli platoon faced a daunting task as they approached the heavily fortified position.

The fortifications of Tel Fakhr were meticulously designed to resist any attempts at infiltration or capture. The trenches provided cover for the Syrian soldiers, making it difficult for the Israeli platoon to advance without being exposed to enemy fire. The bunkers were strategically positioned to provide optimal defense and surveillance of the surrounding area. The heavy wiring acted as a barrier, making it challenging for the Israeli soldiers to breach the fortifications.

The Unexpected Instruction and Its Impact

In a twist of fate, a Syrian captain issued an unexpected instruction to his men. He ordered them not to open fire on the Israeli platoon until they reached the wiring. This unusual directive caused confusion and delay among the Syrian forces, providing an unforeseen advantage to the Israeli platoon. As the Israelis pressed forward, the Syrians realized they were too late when they reported, “The Jews are already inside, and we’ve taken heavy casualties”. The unexpected instruction from the Syrian captain inadvertently played a crucial role in the outcome of the charge.

The unexpected instruction from the Syrian captain caught both the Israeli platoon and their own forces off guard. The Israeli soldiers were initially cautious, expecting heavy resistance as they advanced towards the fortifications. However, the absence of immediate gunfire allowed them to cover more ground and approach the wiring relatively unscathed.

The Victorious Charge on Tel Fakhr

Against all odds, the Israeli platoon managed to breach the fortifications and enter Tel Fakhr. The element of surprise and the delayed response from the Syrians contributed to the success of the Israeli soldiers’ charge. The Syrians, caught off guard, suffered heavy casualties upon discovering that the Israelis had already penetrated their defenses. The remaining Israeli soldiers, displaying resilience and determination, emerged victorious from the charge on Tel Fakhr.

The victory of the Israeli platoon in the charge on Tel Fakhr was a testament to their courage and resourcefulness. They faced overwhelming odds but managed to overcome the heavily fortified position through sheer determination and quick thinking. The element of surprise played a crucial role in their success, as the Syrians were unprepared for the Israeli soldiers’ swift and decisive assault.

Miracles of the War and Their Significance

The Israeli victory in the charge on Tel Fakhr was considered miraculous and had a profound impact on the outcome of the war. These miracles played a significant role in the recapturing of the Western Wall and the territorial gains achieved by Israel. The events surrounding the charge on Tel Fakhr became symbols of divine intervention, providing inspiration and bolstering the morale of the Israeli nation. The miracles of this war left a lasting imprint on Israeli history and shaped their national identity.

One example of a miracle during the charge on Tel Fakhr was the sudden change in weather. Just as the Israeli platoon was about to launch their assault, a dense fog descended upon the battlefield, obscuring the view of the Syrian forces. This unexpected weather phenomenon provided additional cover for the Israeli soldiers, making it even more difficult for the Syrians to detect their presence.

Lasting Impact of the Miracles

The miracles of this war continue to resonate in Israeli history. The perception of divine intervention and protection during the charge on Tel Fakhr and other pivotal moments in the conflict shaped the Israeli narrative and their connection to the land. The bravery and faith displayed by the Israeli platoon in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds serve as a reminder of their resilience and determination. The charge on Tel Fakhr remains a testament to the miraculous events that unfolded during the war.

The lasting impact of these miracles can be seen in the way Israelis view their nation’s history and the significance they attach to their struggle for survival. The events of the war, including the charge on Tel Fakhr, have become ingrained in the collective memory of the Israeli people. They serve as a reminder of the miracles that occurred and the divine protection they believe was bestowed upon them.


The Israeli platoon’s charge on Tel Fakhr in the Golan Heights exemplifies their bravery and determination in the face of adversity. The heavily fortified position and the unexpected instruction from the Syrian captain added to the challenges faced by the Israeli soldiers. Despite these obstacles, the Israeli platoon emerged victorious, demonstrating the impact of miracles in the recapturing of the Western Wall and the territorial gains achieved by Israel. The lasting impact of these miracles continues to shape Israeli history and their perception of divine intervention in their nation’s story.

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