Jesus Is the Path to Flourishing. Can the Buddha and Confucius Be … –

Confucianism and the Bible agree: Humans are capable of discerning basic moral principles, such as what is good and evil, and we should choose good through our conscience, or general revelation.Moreover, Paul acknowledges our struggle and hardship in not doing Read more ›

In Luke and Mark Gospels, Jesus Is Told He Is Good And Responds None Are Good But The Father.

In the Bible, Jesus was not denying His goodness or divinity when He said, “No one is good, except God alone” (Mark 10:18). Instead, He was challenging the rich young ruler, who had called Him “good teacher,” to think more Read more ›

T’Telestai – What Exactly Did Jesus Mean With His Last Statement On The Cross?

The phrase “Tetelestai” or “It is finished” was spoken by Jesus just before His death on the cross. This statement is significant because it conveys the completion of His mission and the fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation. The phrase Read more ›

Philippians 4:13 – All Things I Can Do Through Christ – What Does It Mean In Tangible Terms?

In today’s reading from Philippians 4:13, we are presented with a powerful statement – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” For many of us, this verse is a reminder of the strength and courage we can Read more ›

6 Ways to Parent Your Kids for the New Creation –

|Education in America is in a predicament. As the country polarizes, so do the nation’s schools. State-run institutions are managing conflict over book bans and sexuality (again) while Christian-run ones go to war over origin-of-life science and critical race theory.Although Read more ›

Commonality Between Christianity And Great Scientists Throughout History

Commonality Between Christianity And Great Scientists Throughout History Introduction People have all sorts of interesting and ignorant ideas about Christianity being a faith-based cult or being based on an archaic and irrelevant book and whatever they think but none of Read more ›