Can Ancient Hebrew Translate “In The Beginning” to “At his own hand, the Son Of God will die at the Cross”?


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white book page on brown marble tableI was always fascinated by the Hebrew language. I loved the way it looked, with all of its intricate characters. And I was fascinated by the fact that it was the language of the Bible. So when I started studying it, I was amazed to discover that its pictographic nature actually translated as one possible reading “In The Beginning” to “At his own hand, the Son Of God will die at the Cross”.

To me, this was a deeply moving and awe-inspiring revelation. It gave new meaning to those familiar words from Genesis 1:1. And it also shed new light on the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. No longer was it simply an act of obedience; it was an act of love and sacrifice that he willingly undertook for our sake.

There is actually a lot of evidence to support this claim. For example, the fact that the word “bereshit” (in Hebrew) can be interpreted as “at his own hand” is pretty significant. Additionally, the fact that the Hebrew word for ” cross” is also used in conjunction with the word for ” Son Of God” in verses like Isaiah 53:5-6 adds even more credibility to this theory.

As I continued to study Hebrew, I came to understand more and more about the beauty and depth of this ancient language. And I came to appreciate even more the great love and sacrifice of our Savior.

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