“This is, as I’ve often said, one of the worst medical scandals the world’s ever seen,”

“I’ve heard from countless parents, from Christian and non-Christian alike, from all over the political spectrum,” he said. “This is a very important story, not only because it’s a medical scandal, but because of the social breakdown that it is causing.”

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“It’s about how gender ideology irretrievably fractures families,” Showalter said. “It ruptures family bonds. It pits parents against their own children who start identifying as trans and then go headlong down a pathway of virtually unchecked, medicalized treatment — if you can even call it medicalization.”

Showalter, who has been a frequent critic of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and transgender surgeries, likened these elements to a “mass medical experiment” being pushed on society.

What makes “Dead Name” so unique, he said, is the documentary’s focus on familial relationships and the ruptures that unfold when a child identifies as transgender.

The impact on grandparents, marriages, siblings, and other bonds is profound. This is something the documentary tackles head-on through interviews with and profiles of three separate families.

“This is, as I’ve often said, one of the worst medical scandals the world’s ever seen,” he added.

A Suppression of Thought

Showalter believes stories like those shown in “Dead Name” are deeply important, as many likely have no idea how many families struggle with these issues — and with society’s full embrace of the movement.

“[There’s a] suppression of thought and the suppression of analysis of very real stories, where parents I know have begged places like The New York Times and other more mainstream outlets to cover their concerns,” he said, noting The Times has just recently covered the story.

Showalter said the issue transcends political parties and ideological persuasions, which is why he has given voice to a diverse set of individuals and families in his Christian Post interviews and content.


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