Genesis 16 Messianic In Reminder Human Efforts Fail Waiting For Gods Promised Rewards

In Genesis chapter 16, Sarai, Abram’s wife, unable to conceive, gives her maidservant Hagar to Abram, hoping to have a child through her. Hagar conceives and becomes proud, causing tension between her and Sarai. Sarai deals harshly with Hagar, leading her to flee. An angel of the Lord finds Hagar in the wilderness and tells her to return and submit to Sarai. The angel also promises that her son, Ishmael, will become a great nation. This chapter holds a Messianic perspective as it highlights the consequences of human efforts to fulfill God’s promises instead of waiting on His timing. It also points to the future descendants of Ishmael, who would become a significant part of world history. Ultimately, it reminds us of the importance of trusting in God’s plans and His perfect timing in bringing about His promises.

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