Genesis Chapter 1 – Jesus Is And Was The Light Of The World

In the book of Genesis, chapter 1, we witness the awe-inspiring account of creation. God, the Creator, speaks everything into existence in six days. On day one, He brings forth light and separates it from darkness. Notice that light came before the creation of the sun. Jesus was and continues to be…the light of the world!
Day two sees the creation of the sky and the expanse between waters.
On day three, the land emerges from the waters, and vegetation covers the earth.
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God forms the sun, moon, and stars on day four to govern day and night.
The fifth day sees the seas teeming with creatures, and the sky with birds.
On the sixth day, God creates land animals and crowns
His creation by making humanity in His (he speaks in terms of “Us” and “Our” as it was God and Jesus who created us) image, both male and female. Pleased with all He made, God rests on the seventh day, establishing the pattern of the Sabbath. The book of Genesis 1 reveals the majesty of God’s creative power, setting the stage for the rest of His magnificent plan.

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