Sing The Glory Of Jesus – How Jesus Influenced Contemporary Music More Than Anyone

How did Jesus influence contemporary music more than anyone? It might be easier to list the ways He didn’t. From Bowie to Bieber, Dylan to Drake, the list of artists who have been influenced by Jesus is seemingly endless. In this blog post, we will explore how Jesus has influenced contemporary music more than anyone. From His impact on popular culture to His message of love and peace, read on to learn more about how Jesus has changed the sound of music forever.

The History of Contemporary Christian Music

Though contemporary Christian music has only been around for a few decades, its roots go back much further. Early Christian hymns were some of the first examples of music specifically written to praise Jesus. As Christianity spread throughout the world, different cultures added their own unique twist to these songs, creating a rich tapestry of musical styles that all point back to Jesus.

Over the centuries, various musical genres have been popular among Christians, including Gregorian chant, Baroque music, and gospel music. In more recent years, Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) has become one of the most popular genres among believers. CCM is a broad category that includes everything from worship music to pop and rock.

The history of CCM is fascinating, and it’s clear that Jesus has had a profound influence on the development of this genre of music. As we continue to explore how CCM can impact our lives, let us never forget the One who started it all – Jesus Christ, our Lord

The Different Types of Contemporary Christian Music

There are many different types of contemporary Christian music, each with its own unique style and sound. Here are some of the most popular genres:

• Worship Music: This type of Christian music is focused on worshiping God and is often very emotional and expressive. Popular worship songs include “How Great Is Our God” and “Mighty to Save.”

• Contemporary Christian Pop: This genre takes the sound of mainstream pop music and infuses it with Christian lyrics and messages. Popular artists include TobyMac and Britt Nicole.

• Contemporary Christian Rock: This genre combines the sounds of rock music with positive, Christ-centered lyrics. Popular artists include Skillet and Fireflight.

• Hip Hop/Rap: Though not as common as other genres, there are a number of Christian rappers who are making waves in the industry. Lecrae is one of the most popular, with his albums Gravity and Anomaly receiving critical acclaim.

The Future of Contemporary Christian Music

The future of contemporary Christian music is very exciting. With the rise of new artists and the popularity of Christian music, there is no doubt that the genre will continue to grow. There are many different directions that contemporary Christian music can go, but one thing is for sure – it will continue to be a force for good in the world.

As contemporary Christian music continues to evolve, we can expect to see more positive and uplifting messages being conveyed through the lyrics and music. This is a great thing, as it can help to inspire people of all ages to live their lives for Christ. Additionally, we can also expect to see more diversity in the style of music being produced. This is already starting to happen, with some artists incorporating elements of hip hop and rap into their songs.

There are endless possibilities for the future of contemporary Christian music, and we can only wait to see what new sounds and styles emerge in the years to come. One thing is for sure – it will continue to be a powerful force for good in the world, reaching people with its message of hope and love.


Jesus has had a profound influence on contemporary music, more so than anyone else. His message of love and acceptance has inspired musicians of all genres to create songs that glorify him and his teachings. From pop to hip hop to country, there is no shortage of Jesus-inspired tunes out there for everyone to enjoy. So next time you’re looking for some new music to listen to, why not give some of these tracks a try? You might just be surprised at how much you like them.

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