If One Is Christian And Forgives Others In Jesus’s Name, Can They Ever Truly Be Hurt? Pt 2

It starts with understanding that we need forgiveness from God first and foremost. We can’t give what we don’t have. Once we realize that Forgiveness is something God offers us generously and constantly, only then can we offer it to others freely as well.

Another way to learn to forgive is through prayer. Pray for the person who hurt you, even if they don’t deserve it. Ask God to help you see them the way He does and to give you His heart for them. As you pray, He will begin to change your heart towards that person.

In a secular, human relationship with human context, Henley grasps the essence of forgiveness very well. Worth a listen and focus on lyrics.

Finally, take small steps of forgiveness with the person who hurt you. If they apologize, accept their apology graciously. If they don’t apologize, try reaching out to them and extending an olive branch of sorts. You don’t have to be best friends with them again but simply taking these small steps will help you on your journey of forgiveness.

What If I Can’t Forgive?

If you are finding it difficult to forgive someone, it is important to remember that forgiveness is not something that you do for the other person – it is something that you do for yourself. Forgiveness can help you to move on from what happened and to start living in the present again.

There are a few things that you can do to make it easier to forgive someone:

1. Talk to a friend or counselor about what happened and how you are feeling.

2. Write down your thoughts and feelings about what happened. This can help you to start working through them.

3. Try to understand why the other person did what they did. This can help you to see things from their perspective and to feel more empathy for them.

4. imagine what it would be like if you were in their shoes – how would you want to be treated?

5. Focus on the good things in your life and on the people who love and support you. This can help you to remember that there is more good than bad in the world, and that not everyone is out to hurt you.

It is important to remember that forgiveness is a process, and it might take some time before you are able to fully forgive someone. But holding onto anger and resentment will only hurt YOU in the end, so try to let go of those feelings and focus on moving forward with your life


Although it is difficult to forgive those who have wronged us, it is essential if we want to move on with our lives. As Christians, this forgiveness can be a powerful tool in the healing process and help us to understand that sometimes people make mistakes and need a second chance. With Jesus by our side, even the most hurtful of situations can eventually be resolved through forgiving others in His name. We hope that this article has provided some insight into how one can use their faith as a source of strength and comfort when faced with hard times.

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