A Victory In Jesus

A few weeks back a wonderful fellow who plays at local open mics (where I go to sing, play and evangelize through my talent) played “Friend Of The Devil” the wonderful and horrible Grateful Dead song. I beseeched him, calmly and pleasantly to sing it “friend of the devil AIN’T no friend of mine”. He rebuked me and resented me. A few weeks later he came back to me and said that I was right and that he should not be singing that song any more and wouldn’t be and that it’s silly to have a dispute with someone over a song in such a way. I took it a bit further and said, ya, it does not say in the Bible to love the Lord with all heart, mind, soul, strength…. and in between all that sing songs of praise to Satan. Nope. It sayeth that not.

He seemed put off again but came back and sang this song last night. In all fairness I seem to recall him having sung this song some months back but certainly this is a big step in the right direction and I am thrilled to see him doing better…

I´m going down to the river, to wash my soul again
I´ve been runnin with the devil, and I know that he is not my friend
I´ve been fallin by the wayside I´m livin in this world a sin
I´m going down to the river, gonna wash my soul again

I´m going down to the country, to bury my head in a creek
I´m gonna jump in them waters, baptise both my feet
Because everywhere I´ve been walkin I´ve been gettin in trouble deep
I´m going down to the river, gonna wash my soul again

He certainly seems happier these days.

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